Distance Learing Programs or Universities

Allow your students to study at their own pace and place

Save precious time of your faculty, hence save cost

Build impeccable Intellectual Property

Videopulp helps you to easily put up recorded lessons for viewing by students. Further it makes it easier for students to find what they want in the video lessons. Allows them to search inside video lessons by content of slides, to share, tweet their favourite video clips with their peers. Engage and have fun with your video lessons. And if you havent started recoring the lessons, we will help you. Its really so simple!!

Corporate Learning

Capture precious domain knowledge

Allow team members to find answers fast

new hires ramp up faster

Videopulp provides tools for eLearning teams inside large corporates to easily publish their content to employees. To convert normal, webinars and webcasts to eLearning content. Further videopulp enables search inside webcasts and screencasts based on content of slides. Hence Employees will be able to accurately video segments that is of interest to them and share it with their peers. TO do all that with minimal changes to existing systems. If you are starting afresh, we will help you set up a complete video learning system.

Video Bloggers, Conference Videos

Give a sense of whats inside your videos at a glance..

Let search engines have more food to chew on

Users can also share video snippets instead of entire videos

If you are a video blogger, or publishing your conference recording, wouldnt you want people to find relevant video segments fatser. And be able to share, bookmark, tweet not just entire video, but also smaller video snippets. Also be able to put more content for search engines to index!. Videopulp helps to do just that , and more. We can also transcribe your entire video and allow users to search every spoken word. Not only that, we can provide tools to automate your video workflow.

Transcribe and search everything that's spoken in a video

We transcribe your video and display the transcript beside the video as a simple widget. As the video is played the corresponding transcript segment is highlighted. Users can read through the entire transcript Or click on parts of transcript to be taken to that part in the video. All transcript segments are URLs which can be shared, tweeted or bookmarked. The transcript can also be used as closed captions. We provide comprehensive video search, ability to search any spoken word inside the video. The transcript of a video along with the video is an excellen form of Search Engine Optimization. It helps users to find your content easily through search engines

Suitable for Marketing Videos, Quarterly earnings calls, Keynote talks, Sales Demos

Comprehensive search, don't miss a thing, share transcripts with video clips.