Like a Table of Content for book, we generate topic index for slides based videos. It helps users with getting an overview, or jumping to a particular topic. The topics are just like any other URL. Users can copy paste them, or share them on Twitter, Facebook or other social sites. We extract text from slides, which allows google to index them for the particular video.

Add a Table of Contents to your presentation videos

We identify slides in videos, further extract text from identified slides. We build a table of contents for the video and display it beside the video using a simple widget. Users are able to get a quick overview of the video, just by looking at the widget. They can view the whole video or can click releavent topics to see specific video segments within the long video. The extracted slide titles from slides also provide for a set of relevant keywords, which is very useful for Search Engine Optimization. Users are able to find lecture videos based on topics taught inside videos. This is a significant improvement from search based on titles.

Suitable for Lecture Videos, Webinars, Internal trainings

Cost effective easy way to find the right video clip, share and collaborate.